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Epoxy resin printed circuit board PCB to thin model change development
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Ceaseless development makes the thin, light, miniaturization of electronic product epoxy resin printed circuit board (of PCB) thin model change development, this also makes substrate material pursuit thin model change, already became the heat on research and development, application in Fu copper industry, and this is heated up the dot will last old. Thin below this kind of posture model annulus oxygen, substrate of Bo fine cloth becomes heat, new material is aided push PCB(epoxy resin to presswork circuit board) substrate is thin model change. This expert expresses, HDI is multilayer board from 20 centuries come out at the beginning of 90 time and arisen when, with at that time thin model turn substrate material the predestined relationship that indissolubles below innovation achievement knot, HDI is multilayer board development is recumbent from beginning to end " small hole, filament, layer " 3 old techniques serve as prop up and drive. Substrate data is weak model change even if among them important one annulus. In HDI3 old technique, not only its thin stratification technology basically is to rely on substrate material to come true, the small Kong Hua that connects it (treatment of laser small hole) executive stand or fall, also depend on greatly thin model substrate material.
In HDI multilayer board development initial stage asks to satisfy afore-mentioned function, those who form its insulation layer is main thin model substrate material breed is coating of colophony of sex of photosensitive colophony coating, hot solid (or its product form is insulation film) , besmear colophony Copper Foil (RCC) . This paragraph of period, be in appropriate light body HDI is multilayer board use substrate data " alignment " in, because make technical place,be restricted to find annulus oxygen very hard - of material of substrate of Bo fine cloth " form " . And in HDI is multilayer in last few years board market condition produced very big change, thin model annulus oxygen, material of substrate of Bo fine cloth from contended for HDI is multilayer board those who use substrate data market " position " , already evolved to be the market gradually " leading role " . According to concerning authoritative orgnaization statistic, in last few years annulus oxygen, material of substrate of Bo fine cloth is in HDI is multilayer board in receive wider and wider application, when 2000, it occupies whole HDI only multilayer board 4% what use gross of substrate data market, and develop quickly already to occupy to 2005 40.4% , forecast the proportion that its held 2007 to will exceed 50% , it was in 2010 HDI is multilayer board go up with substrate data market have rate can achieve 60% above.
Annulus oxygen - material of substrate of Bo fine cloth of this one market " from do not have have, arrive as a child big, from complementary arrive advocate " change, be worth to consider and notice very much. Can saying at present is demand of market of 3 big application each different. Above all, current thin model annulus oxygen, material of substrate of Bo fine cloth basically has 3 to use the market greatly: Carry model electronic product; IC encloses substrate; Replace a share copperplate of original flexibility Fu (the flexibility printed circuit of FCCL) board the market. Thin model annulus oxygen - material of substrate of Bo fine cloth is on main function the annulus oxygen with general ply - material of substrate of Bo fine cloth somewhat difference, it is having its distinctive function characteristic. The applied domain that differs at the same time asks to reach its to emphasize particularly on to its function the face also differs somewhat. Carry in recent years model the HDI that electronic product place uses is multilayer board, going after ceaselessly thin model of the to it substrate material in changing thin model change and its function assures to having taller dependence. It is with the mobile phone exemple, in last few years mobile phone advocate board ply, it is commonly 1 it is 0.1mm on average thick, it is 6 0.6mm mostly namely thick. As the mobile phone advocate board ceaseless thin model change, between 2006, what 8 ply have 0.5mm only is paper-thin model mobile phone advocate board begin market of make one's bow.
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