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Technology of anchorage lever timbering analyses colliery glass reinforced plast
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The main obstacle that the colliery that great majority uses long wall working face to extract faces is driving of the tunnel that select an area and timbering problem. Process of anchorage lever timbering is plan of cloggy coal mine " bottleneck " , the time that takes in loop of coal mining of a working face is the longest. Room pillar extracts the colliery faces similar problem. When anchorage lever timbering when density is bigger, if the time of timbering of will anchorage lever shrinks little in part, output of working surface coal can rise 1 times almost.
The design of machine of successive coal mining switchs on the mobile phone rate is average more than 95% , but inside a day switch on the mobile phone actually time has 4.7 ~ 7.2h only. To change this kind of condition, need uses method of a kind of comprehensive system, this method carries timbering of coal mine, roof, coal, maintenance of ventilated, equipment and material supply each link to undertake reasonable configuration, system is optimized, in order to improve coal mining facility switch on the mobile phone rate. In the meantime, the adoption of new facility, new material and new technology also is helpful for coal mining equipment switching on the mobile phone of rate rise.
The colliery of the country such as the United States, south Africa, Australia and England had used good roof timbering equipment and technology, but still need to introduce method of this kind of system in time at present. The country such as China, Russia, Poland and India colliery timbering technology is relatively backward, the competitive ability that goes up in international coal market to enhance oneself, these countries henceforth will must use equipment of timbering of integrated mechanization roof and technology.

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