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Solidify of colophony of hot solid sex shapes new method
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Electron beam (technology of EB) radiate solidify is to heat up solidify of solid sex colophony to shape new method, compare with photograph of traditional solidify method, it has the advantage such as efficient, low cost, environmental protection. As be in ultraviolet the radiation solidify new technology that the development on solidify foundation rises, it is known as 21 centuries to heat up the new technology that solid sex colophony manufactures. EB solidify epoxy resin can be overcome before a few defect, obtain high-powered structure data, already waited for a respect to get applied in data of solid engine housing.
The people research to EB solidify only then at 19 centuries 70 time end, its target is to obtain aerospace to use resin of sex of high-powered hot firm. To vinyl ester, acrylic ester and methylic acrylic acid the research of the EB solidify of the system such as ester makes clear, because these systems are put in product internal stress tall, empty content is difference of big, mechanical function, bibulous lead temperature of transition of tall, vitrification (Tg) is low defect, and get applied in the hi-tech domain such as aerospace hard. Material scientist then casts eye to epoxy resin, research shows EB solidify epoxy resin can overcome above weakness, can obtain high-powered structure data, already waited for a respect to get applied in data of solid engine housing.
The main good point of EB solidify epoxy resin is issueing fast solidify at realizing colophony normal temperature: The energy that compares place of electron beam solidify to need with hot solidify photograph is its 1/10~1/20 only, and 10 times what solidify speed is hot solidify however; Undertake below normal temperature as a result of EB solidify at the same time, the stress concentration that reduced hot systole to cause greatly and leftover stress, improved solidify resinous mechanical function.
From 1990 France realizes solidify of EB of data of solid engine housing above all since, the applied domain of this technology expands quickly. The company such as American Aeroplas and Northrop is base material with epoxy resin, the electron beam solidify of material of aero to material of construction of large whole type and spaceflight construction had the research of relatively extensive development, achieved satisfactory result. What study to EB solidify reaction as people is thorough, through EB solidify preparation high-powered composite material is in or wide application will receive in the following domain. The application that can predict at present basically has: Aerospace domain is used at making military affairs or civil aviation implement structure and housing data; Traffic carries a domain to be used at preparation car, ship, the structural material of the vehicle such as railcar; Building and infrastructure domain are used at having the preparation of the building materials of special requirement to weight and corrosion resistance. Be like booth, petroleum pipeline path, platform of maritime artesian well; Motion is recreational the domain is used at golf lever, ski, the production of the sporting goods such as the tennis racket; If other sphere uses printed circuit of preparation of EB solidify composite material board, ballproof equipment, pledge gently defend parts of an apparatus and submarine housing.
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