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Value of application of chimney of to decoke of VEGF answer material is great
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Scale is compound the characteristic of colophony puddle, apply to chimney of domestic power plant to run a condition actually. It is to VEGF material for this country industry in desulphurization chimney technical feasibility of application, made be discussed extensively and try, obtained mature applied positive result. Introduce according to expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin, our country is the country that structure of a the sources of energy gives priority to with coal fired, air pollution is belonged to fuliginous model pollution, sulfur of dust, 2 oxidation (oxide of SO2) , nitrogen (NOx) is our country atmospheric main contaminant, administering pollution, clean production accordingly today, pursue the system of anticorrosion of VEGF compound coating that with vinyl of oxygen of phenolic aldehyde annulus ester glass scale is core, have very important sense. The data shows, the NOx discharge capacity of power plant of our country coal fired achieved 2.9 million tons 2000. As a result of the characteristic of structure of our country the sources of energy, the environment that caused acid rain is polluted and more corrode a circumstance, accordingly the prevention and cure of many to the generation in coal fired power plant 2 oxidation sulfur or azotic oxide is imperative.
At present domestic and international relatively significant step is flue gas to decoke (FlueGasDesulfurization abbreviation " FGD " ) . And use wet limestone catharsis law is the application in technology of to decoke of flue gas of current world each country also be the most mature craft at most. 2003 of our country wet desulphurization equipment is homebred change rate already was in 96% above, predict homebred 2010 change rate can amount to 100% . Although the flue gas after desulphurization is medium contained caustic medium content is less, but it is commonly as a result of the temperature of the flue gas after desulphurization under vitriolic dew point, because of this chimney wall to different configuration, all have different rate corrode happen. And the anticorrosion measure that our home is aimed at desulphurization chimney, no matter standard standard respect waits in the design of chimney, construction, still apply actually in the project above, existing blank or accumulate without sufficient experience. At present domestic new chimney selected titanium capable person, but titanium material not only cost is high, and market supply and demand is contradictory and at present clear, whether can satisfy anticorrosion to ask to still need to observe and dog. Because composite material of VEGF glass scale applies successfully already at device of flue gas to decoke, accumulated richer experience. Expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin expresses, already discussed composite material of VEGF glass scale to apply feasibility in the anticorrosion in chimney at present, the anticorrosion measure that adopts to build desulphurization chimney not only offerred a new alternative, also be old chimney of domestic power plant at the same time transform bring real referenced value.
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