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Auto industry expands the new requirement of pair of polyurethane material
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Get together to be used correctly of ammoniac fat material, OK and contented car is in quantify bate of dynamical sex, comfortable sex, exterior, interior trim, gently, the high-powered requirement of the respect such as service life, it is contemporary car the indispensable important material in making. On the car besides use yataghan epispastic get together outside the spare parts of ammoniac fat material that make, still use in great quantities blame is epispastic get together ammoniac fat material, be like thermoplastic get together ammoniac fat elastomer, get together ammoniac fat fill seals material, get together ammoniac fat coating and get together ammoniac fat adhesive. The application of these new-style material, make the travel security of the car rises with what took comfortable sex to get very old rate.
Get together the application of ammoniac fat material in auto industry is wider and wider, had made one of plastic variety with the greatest dosage on the car. Global automobile manufacturing industry gets together every year the use quantity of ammoniac fat exceeds 1 million tons, 2006, crop of our country auto industry exceeds 7.2 million. Get together commonly ammoniac fat occupies a car to use plastic 15 % , average the use quantity of every car is 15kg, total dosage will achieve 100 thousand tons of above, majority introduces MDI series product.
According to car component different, get together the requirement that ammoniac fat gets used to a car with the different pattern such as expanded plastics, elastomer, adhesive and function, get together for instance ammoniac fat the expanded plastics change as the recipe, have quality light, adiabatic, resilience is good, comfortable quality good, durable, security mixes function of good, low temperature suck brace up the gender is more advanced characteristic, other data cannot compare its advantage.
The useless expanded plastics of car and home appliance product reclaims already more and more get the attention of people. Recently, business of foreign car production can have reclaimed use 30 % reclaim useless expanded plastics. Its produce a course is to will abandon expanded plastics to undertake cleaning, smash, dry, abandon these expanded plastics to be stuck together with adhesive finally, can use at producing carpet backing etc to pay capable person.
One, car interior trim application
1, dashboard
(1) cuticular material
Current, the comfortable, security that car manufacturer enhances interior space further in pursuit of respect of car interior trim and beautiful, can say, car interior trim more and more to advanced change respect development. This kind advanced change reflect above all using a variety of property the material of each different (wool of fiber fabric, dermal change, establish) , make all surfaces inside the car soft adorn change and beautification of do one's best (decorative pattern is late thick, Mu Wen, color matchs) . Soft act the role of exterior material and interior sound-absorbing, suck brace up material and framework material are complex wait into the ceiling inside the car, luxurious dashboard, steering wheel, seat. But this kind of development is used with material second birth actually, reduce cost self-contradictory, accordingly, development can satisfy interior trim already advanced change, soft adorn change, individuation, can satisfy again light quantify, second birth of low cost, material uses the interior trim of the requirement to use new data is urgent affairs.
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