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The SHPB experiment of GFPP glass reinforced plastics and dynamic function are a
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Fibre glass increases plastic (glass reinforced plastics) because have taller reach excellent report, magnetism than the intensity, quantity that compare a pattern can and wider and wider application receives on industry. Polypropylene (PP) serves as a kind general thermoplastic plastic, have raw material much, cost low, proportion small, treatment is convenient wait for an advantage, after it increases with fibre glass, can change its significantly mechanical function, consequently it is used extensively at the industry such as spaceflight, military affairs, traffic, building. In use fibre glass increases plastic the action that should be pounded load inevitably, because this studies its,the mechanical behavior below trends has important sense. Had in the past after using Cha more content to land please, examine (note: This content has member ability to examine) only!

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