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Shallow weak in oil industry applied glass reinforced plastics manages all probl
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1 preface
Vitreous steel tube is in development course of nearly 20 years, in chemical industry, hydraulic wide application received in waiting for an industry. But in corroding relatively serious oil industry, progress is relatively slow.
Corroding is the big question that perplexes each country, the pecuniary loss that causes and those who cause is secondary disaster is very monstrous. According to not complete count, our country corrodes a loss every year to be as high as 200 billion yuan, rolled steel 1000 much T. And what conduit causes is direct and corrode a loss to amount to 100 million yuan hundreds secondhand, among them, oil industry is to corrode the branch with the most serious problem. The conduit that has 10 % every year at least discards as useless ahead of schedule because of corroding, the pecuniary loss that because provide the corrodes craze to cause whole opening of the path individually,the well discards as useless or place of temporary out of service causes whole cop especially tremendous. Our country should import oil of about 1 million T every year to provide material with hundreds 100 million dollars. One of main characteristics of vitreous steel tube are corrosion resistance exceedingly good. But why to develop in oil industry logy? The article discusses at this point dot view.
2 a few view
Problem of stability of function of 2.1 canals material
Can design a gender as a result of what glass reinforced plastics is in charge of, material and product are finished at the same time, accordingly, factor of influence product property is very much, the product pledges the quantity is controlled harder. Even if is same batch is design of former complementary material, same lay up, same craft parameter and control condition, because the technology of operation personnel is differ, gotten product performance data also is different.
Problem of dependability of function of 2.2 canals material
To FRP canal, its dependability basically is to show the working requirement that designing falls, inside the life cycle of the design, whether normal safety works and not invalidation. The be no longer in force that provides material basically is to corrode destroy and of mechanical function destroy.
Of 2.2.1 canals material corrode destroy
Oil industry is in charge of material to corrode a problem, basically be to show the ground buries tubal soil to corrode, the ageing of outdoor canal material is corroded, the seawater of cropland of marine oil gas corrodes those who reach medium crude oil.
(1) ground buries tubal soil to corrode
The onshore oil field of our country, it is alkalescent, acidity soil more, the low-pressure cop is defeated by water of FRP (some is petroleum pipeline) , in cropland of a few oil gas or the application that fixed rate got in the area around, wait for oil field like Daqing, big harbor, victory, Central Plains, Jiang Han, obtained certain economic result. Carry out a proof, material of vitreous steel tube can be able to bear or endure completely of soil corrode action.
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