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Continent island crosses shallow Tan Mei beach of project of sea water supply pa
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1. Overview
Continent island crosses Mei of city of cropland of Fujian Province Pu project of sea water supply is to solve an island to go up year of rainfall is little, water natural resources is not worth badly. Far cannot satisfy maritime protection god travel of Mom ancestor birthplace, country goes vacationing the need that area construction admits increasingly. To solve this one problem, via approval of Fujian Province committee of planning, mei continent island crosses project of sea water supply to began construction on May 20, 1999 build, also be the day of start working of laid of the conduit on the island. Fountainhead is taken from east the Mei of Zhen reservoir pilot a ship into a harbour project of water supply of bank of continent bay north, ¢600mm of the laid on the island is defeated by water pipeline to grow 3.20km, rated discharge 0.23m3/ S, among them steel tube of centrifugal mould glass grows 1.40km. Tong of prestressing force reinforcing steel bar is in charge of long 1.60km, well of overhaul a powerful person 3, well of a powerful person that discharge mud 2, exhaust valve well 2, tong presses down mound L6. This project is one of construction projects that Mei continent island crosses key of project of sea water supply, its finish smoothly succeed for what section of travel of time of motherland of Mom of Mei continent island tried a water 2000. Have very great politics sense.
2. Be in charge of material function and characteristic
The pipeline that set is extended on the island. According to the different a sector of an area that place of the cop on the island passes, choose the tubal capable person that has different function and characteristic. In choose Tong of prestressing force reinforcing steel bar to be in charge of with groundwater library a sector of an area upland; And appliance of beach Duan Zexuan has not anti-corrosive, rusty, service life long, weight is light, easy cut, stiffness the centrifugal mould glass reinforced plastics of low function and characteristic runs big, cost, it is beach end length period gets the tubal capable person with relatively perfect area of sea leach bubble.
3. Beach paragraph geology and tide circumstance
According to Mei continent island crosses geology of project of sea water supply to drill a data, beach paragraph geological circumstance, upside is thick in arenaceous, thick 2m-5m, bottom accumulates sandiness clay for incomplete, laid of vitreous steel tube is in arenaceous layer bottom or upside of arenaceous qualitative claypan; This beach paragraph be located in Mei continent bay to give big talk, tide is half days of tide model, highest tide (Huang Ling) 3.38m, neap - 3.34m, most spring tide differs 6.72m.
4. Construction technology
Suffer tide and effect of beach geology condition, when groove excavate, often happen quicksand, cave in phenomenon: When vitreous steel tube is installed. Produce surplus canal, change, till be out of line; The experiment that press water blocks body of head build by laying bricks or stones up it is build by laying bricks or stones, difficult to tear open a project to estimate big, construction, equipment, personnel accepts field and tide restriction; Well of a powerful person that discharge mud execution condition difference, difficulty is great wait for a problem. To solve these problems, step of the following projects took in construction process:
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