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Annulus oxygen of solidify of composite material gas cylinder optimize plan
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To make composite material gas cylinder, the expert uses infra-red spectrum, dynamic model to measure an analysis (the method such as DMA) considered to press different warm up the reaction solidify that the composite material gas cylinder of means solidify uses epoxy resin matrix is spent, vitrification transition temperature (Tg) and its are mechanical function, in order to inspect the solidify temperature influence to colophony matrix function, right the respective actor defect of plan of two kinds of solidify undertook contrasting analytic. The result makes clear: Add accelerant to be able to drop solidify reaction temperature effectively, solidify of 8h of 80 ℃ solidify is spent can amount to 95% above; With likeness of result of 4h of 130 ℃ solidify. The experiment proves this matrix recipe can serve as high-powered wet twine composite material gas cylinder to use colophony matrix recipe. Colophony radical composite material because its are taller than the intensity, quantity that compare a pattern, coefficient of expansion the advantage such as insulation of low, anti-corrosive, report, get applied extensively in the most advanced industry such as aerospace shipping; There also is wide application in the domain such as products of car, building, sports at the same time. The development that enrages bottle respect in pressure especially is more rapid, the commercial dosage of compound gas cylinder increases ceaselessly.
In colophony base in composite material, colophony has the join fiber, effect that delivers stress. Because the stand or fall of this colophony function is direct,affect the integral performance of composite material. Colophony function itself suffers the effect of a lot of elements, like raw material, deserve to compare, craft shapes, solidify condition, among them solidify is to shape the important segment in craft. Colophony solidify is the cross-linking reaction of high polymer material, namely colophony turns meshy macromolecule into the structure by structure of line form element. Similar colophony system is heating when solidify, because of temperature of solidify time, solidify different and OK form physics mechanical function is different, it is the molecular structure with very big difference even. Low colophony of time weak point or temperature cannot complete solidify, and time grows too or temperature is exorbitant cause needless the sources of energy to waste, can mar its performance even. Additional, criterion of resinous make choice of is commonly with its outspread rate fibrous of summary prep above is outspread lead and achieve optimal match, the outspread rate that other condition is cost and achieves outclass in order to sacrifice to use a requirement is the waste of a kind of function actually. Because this seeks first-rate solidify according to specific use requirement,warm up the system appears very necessary.
The expert passes the manage such as infra-red spectrum, DMA, mechanical test to change analytic method for this, use system of E-51/DDM epoxy resin to issue body of solidify earning mould to undertake study in different solidify condition to composite material gas cylinder, analysed the solidify condition effect to colophony function, for epoxy resin the application on composite material gas cylinder laid a foundation. The link such as test of performance of system of equipment of system of experiment of body of hot analysis of DSC of course colophony system, mould, mould, mould, had analysis, consideration to DSC of colophony system solidify, had a test to mould system performance, studied the solidify system effect to colophony matrix function: E-51/DDM resinite is annulus oxygen, its resinous solidify is spent below temperature of 130 ℃ solidify and drawing, flexural strength did not rise further, mechanical even intensity drops somewhat, but its heat-resisting function and rupture outspread rate rises somewhat; To this experimental colophony system, solidify reaction process has time - temperature equivalent sex, in highest temperature solidify time is lengthened to still can achieve taller solidify to spend the mechanical performance with be reached better when 80 ℃ ; The solidify accelerant with proper choice and right dosage can reduce the solidify reaction activation energy of epoxy resin system effectively, made adequately solidify. The integral performance that studies E-51/DDM resinite fastens the annulus oxygen of the task originally is good, cost is low, use at making composite material high pressure enrage bottle of each test performance to all satisfy a design to ask, prove this recipe can serve as wet twine gas cylinder of high-powered composite material to use colophony matrix recipe.
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