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Fiber twines tension to dominate research of systematic new technology
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1 preface
Fiber is twined is current colophony base one of measures of the mainest technology that composite material shapes, and twining tension is fiber the important control parameter in twining craft, affect the quality that wraps product directly[1~4]. Because system of this tension control is the necessary auxiliary equipment of numerical control twister. Document [5] points out, the function of tensional control system depends on greatly the application of application software and development. To obtain tensional data well and truly, understanding yarn tension changes, control effect organization to twine craft according to tension, assure to twine product quality, urgent need development goes the fiber that suits oneself to twine tension to control a system.
In software of system of most tension control, normally use Win-dows timer completes the collection of tensional data and processing work. But Windows timer is what will realize certain precision through sending WM_TIM-ER message to CPU is time, and its are preferential level is very low, make time message is couldn't get answer in time, affected tension badly to control real time sex of the system and dependability. Accordingly, in system of accurate tension control, raising real time sex, dependability is the pressing requirement of systematic software, but Windows is not real time operating system, it is to be based on message drive mechanism, cannot offer enough real time to handle a function, develop tension to control a system to need to use a few technologies below Windows environment consequently, wait like Cheng of multimedia timer, multi-line.
The article develops an environment in VC + + , research is built PMAC and on between machine the method of communication, combine multi-line Cheng technology and multimedia timer technology, the design gives real time tension to collect with data storage, processing system, solved effectively in high speed, long the real time sex that tension collects the system in controlling a process and dependability problem.
2 tension control systematic hardware to form
This system uses PMAC(ProgrammableMulti-AxisController) to regard as leave an opportunity, labour accuses machine as go up the structure of collateral double CPU of a machine. System by part of open a book to read, control part (include controller and executive component) , detect part (or tension collects a part) reach other to assist device composition, its structure is shown 1 times like the graph. Among them, use sensor of fork type tension to detect in real time fiber tension, electric machinery of dc moment of force serves as executive component[6~8]. Value of tension of real time fiber is undertaken collection by PMAC and with ISA communication means delivers bus line to go up a machine, going up a machine is medium finish the comparison with tensional set value, after having relevant control operation, operation result returns PMAC with communication means again, adjust its to control end to output voltage by PMAC, the output moment of force that electric machinery of correction moment of force goes to after PMAC outputs voltage to magnify through power of driver of pitching moment electric machinery, implementation is controlled to the real time of fiber tension.
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