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Anchorage lever forming machine sums up complete whorl glass reinforced plastics
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1 preface

China is big country of a coal mining, produce per year a quantity to be as high as 1.7 billion tons, anchorage gush timbering is the means of timbering of advanced coal alley with accepted whole world, among them anchorage lever is main timbering equipment, the anchorage lever data that uses now is given priority to character with steel. Steel pledges anchorage lever is in mine dirty course of study, suffer extremely easily corrode and invalidation. In recent years, as high yield a large number of construction of efficient mine, put together collects mechanization degree heart to rise ceaselessly, the occurence rate of the accident also rises subsequently. Be in especially expensive gas mine is more serious, metallic anchorage lever and put together collect mechanical cut head to touch a fire to cause fire damp explosion and dust spontaneous combustion. Photograph of lever of qualitative anchor of anchorage lever and steel compares the metalloid glass reinforced plastics of domestic new development have the following advantage:

A, metalloid change: But the requirement of safe production of cut, antistatic, flame retardant, contented colliery;

B, intensity is high: The tensile strength of anchorage lever of high-powered glass reinforced plastics can achieve 1.5 times of lever of steel qualitative anchor;

C, wear is good: Height is fought corrode, acid-proof, high temperature resistant, be able to bear or endure microtherm, well dirty course of study can ensure 20 years of above not ageing;

D, weight is light: For the 1/4~1/5 of lever of qualitative anchor of akin norms steel, reduce the labor intensity that installs jockey person greatly, improved exercise efficiency;

Cost of E, production is low: Straightforward production cost under congener steel anchorage lever.

Compare through above, by anchor of glass reinforced plastics lever replaces metallic anchorage lever to have very big advantage. The anchorage rod of glass reinforced plastics that should produce a high strenth needs good machine.

2, complete whorl glass reinforced plastics is anchorage of the structure of lever forming machine and anchorage lever shape process

Complete whorl glass reinforced plastics is anchorage lever forming machine is a kind of new-style production shapes the high-tech product of anchorage lever of glass reinforced plastics, can process the product of different type, the colophony that the main composition composition of anchorage lever of glass reinforced plastics is function of anchorage lever of fibre glass, change and solidify agent. Complete whorl glass reinforced plastics is anchorage lever forming machine is glass reinforced plastics of manufacturing complete whorl the machine of anchorage lever, main by shape beforehand, hydraulic pressure drawing, electric control system, the system such as automatic cut is comprised. Structural sketch map is as follows:
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