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Tower of refrigeration of glass reinforced plastics of blast type sewage
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Current, clear boiler circulation uses tower of refrigeration of glass reinforced plastics to be used generally already, but the research that sewage uses tower of refrigeration of glass reinforced plastics circularly is not much still, cause a few available sewage is wasted for nothing. If the blast furnace in circulatory system of steely enterprise sewage is gas,catharsis water, converter removes dust 2 times cooling sewage, steel rolling develops sewage, Lian Zhu iron sheet sewage, these sewage are absorbed in producing a course and deliver a large number of quantity of heat, carry secretly is many suspension content, basically be ferric oxide reachs partial oil with all sorts of dust kind wait, the processing flow of these sewage is precipitation commonly, except oil, filter, reach oil with content of eliminate in suspension kind, after dropping in temperature via cooling tower again, remand cooling tower is used circularly. Power of tower of refrigeration of common glass reinforced plastics, engine is ventilated and cooling the tower drenchs water filling is the form such as plastic dot wave, inclined wave or She Bo commonly, span is lesser, its match water unit to use rotate cloth water; The meeting when be being used at sewage to cool has filling to jam, filling wearing is out of shape or fall off, rotate cloth water implement malfunction, break down the phenomenon such as the tower, accordingly, the turbidity of water of loop of tower of refrigeration of general provision glass reinforced plastics is not more than 50mg/L, short-term inside just can use at 100mg/L not quite. This restricted the scope of application of cooling tower greatly, the circular refrigeration that cannot satisfy chaotic water asks.
The 1 sewage adverse effect to general and cooling tower
(Because 1) contains dust oil in circular sewage kind, taller than great, viscosity, thing of reason in suspension is easy be held back and conglutinate in filling, cause filling to jam, raise the negative charge that fills work or material rest greatly.
(When tower of refrigeration of 2) general glass reinforced plastics designs filling system, written guarantee to filling surface weight of film of water of surface of dirty and deposit, filling designs surplus small, its support cause the system is relatively feeble, when cooling sewage, deposit is much, often produce filling to collapse fall.
(General and cooling tower uses 3) rotate cloth water implement, locomotive middling jams because of contamination cloth water eyelet, cause rotate to be out of order and cannot run normally.
(Zephyr machine all installs 4) electric machinery and bracket to go up in tower body, it is to increase laden carry on one's shoulder, 2 it is lunt corrodes these components directly.
2 designs parameter reachs tower
2.1 designs parameter
Dry ball temperature 31.5 ℃ , wet ball temperature 28 ℃ . When ℃ of T=30 of Δ of difference in temperature of water of pass in and out, enter ℃ of tower water lukewarm T1=60, give ℃ of tower water lukewarm T2=30; When ℃ of T=33 of Δ of the fan that start, give ℃ of tower water lukewarm T2=27, the turbidity > 100mg/L of water, cooling water measures 50 ~ 5000t/h.
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