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Circle of glass reinforced plastics cools upstream tower
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Issue date: 2008-10-10 14:39:26
Period of validity: Nononono
Product name: Tower of refrigeration of glass reinforced plastics
Norms model: All ready
Product measure: Do not be restricted
Referenced price: 3000
Detailed content: The air conditioning that —— of tower of refrigeration of low noise of ▲ DBNL3 series glass reinforced plastics applies to 3—8 of water Wen Jiang to spend makes cold aircrew wait for general and cooling circumstance.
▲ CDBNL3 series exceeds —— of tower of refrigeration of low noise glass reinforced plastics to apply to pair of noise to ask more severe guesthouse, hospital, public construction is reached be apart from the circumstance with closer residential area
—— of tower of refrigeration of industry of the high temperature in ▲ GBNL3 series glass reinforced plastics applies to 10-25 of water Wen Jiang to spend industrial system of boiler circulation refrigeration.
One, (CD) (D) GBNL3 series circle cooling tower
Tower of refrigeration of refluent type glass reinforced plastics uses the circle heat of refluent type energy of life exchanges a technology. Main body uses whole steel structure, vitreous stencil steel is protected surround, tower body sets overhaul staircase to defend management of equipment normally for cat head. Filling uses wave of high grade modified PVC inclined ladder piece, drench surface is accumulated in order to diffuse; Through rotating cloth water or means of water of cloth tubal form, implementation cloth water is even, enhance cooling result. My factory ever had been made to the appearance design of this series product local improve, make its more run reliable, durable, outfit to deserve to go to the lavatory.

2, each component specification and technical parameter express cooling tower
1, component of glass reinforced plastics: By be able to bear or endure lukewarm, be able to bear or endure of ageing, water-resistance get together to fat colophony is made and be become, the surface uses gel coat resin, have be able to bear or endure bright-coloured and ageing, anti-corrosive, bright and clean, not the characteristic such as leg color.
2, fan: In can asking to be able to deserve to use aluminium alloy and fan of glass reinforced plastics according to the user firstly, both has tower machine to match reasonable, wind force big, noise is low characteristic
3, electric machinery: Cooling tower is special outside collecting an user machine of electric machinery, decelerate. Have movement low, life grows smooth, specific power consumption, noise is low, be able to bear or endure the characteristic such as Wen Gao.
4, all of cloth water system: Can ask to use according to the user rotate cloth water implement or tubal type distributes interconnected system of water cloth water system. All of water system of cooling tower cloth is had match water even, water supply pressure is low, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic.
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