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The axis sheds T35-11 glass reinforced plastics fanner
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Issue date: 2008-10-10 14:39:13
Period of validity: Nononono
Product name: Fan of glass reinforced plastics
Norms model: All ready
Product measure: Long-term merchandise on hand is supplied
Referenced price: 500
Detailed content: 1. Axis of T35-11 glass reinforced plastics sheds fan brief introduction

T35-11 series axis sheds fan to carry research of model class experiment, decided fan blade profile, used cylinder hub structure, undertook remodel is designed on electric machinery, loss of going from place to place reduced on the structure, enhanced Xie Gen to be in intensity.
Axial shedding fan can use T35-11 series glass reinforced plastics the ventilated take a breath that makes the fabric such as general plant, storehouse, residence, special apply to a platoon to send certain pH indicator caustic gas, also can enhance central heating to come loose and with, also can be in charge of path interval to string installation in longer exhaust, in order to increase the wind pressure in conduit.
This series product has a variety of plane number, order of engine of avery kind of can install 5 kinds of angle, use impeller to hold the straight coupling form on electric machinery axis directly, in impeller circumferential speed does not exceed 60 meters / deserve to use 3 kinds of rotate speed below second condition: 2900 turn / cent, 1450 turn / cent, 960 turn / cent. The wind pressure that fan generates, wind force differs as angle of impeller diameter size, lamina, rotate speed and change.
By series product at the same time qualitative user of material of qualitative, glass reinforced plastics chooses stock steel.

2, norms:

FT35-11 axis sheds fan, it is the ideal fan that replaces a few old products such as 30K4, T30, T40, efficiency rises 89.5% , noise is compared (A) class reduces 3.6dB. This fan is national machinery appoint a kind of when promotion uses efficient and low-pressure fanner, this fan power consumption is low, noise is little, have admirable anti-corrosive wait for a characteristic. Can use as industrial workshop, machinery is made, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, eletroplate, the industry such as medicine, building of cinema, guesthouse, office, each building such as each residence, if wind carapace take out; Yi Ke uses as free fan, also can be inside longer exhaust conduit, removed series connection is installed, in order to increase the total pressure in conduit. The type of fan: T35 axis sheds fan, according to impeller diameter size cent is No2.8, 3.15, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.6, 6.3, 7.1, 8, 9, 10, 11.2 in all order of 13 kinds of engine, the blade number of order of the first kind of engine is 4, blade can install 15° , 20° , 25° , 30° , 35° again, wait for 5 kinds of angle. Accordingly, each engine order installs the size of angle as a result of blade, speed of main shaft rotate speed is different, the leeway of fan, wind force and the power that consume are different also.
BT35-11 explosion proof is flame retardant model the axis sheds fan
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