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4-72 glass reinforced plastics is centrifugal fan (
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Issue date: 2008-10-10 14:39:17
Period of validity: Nononono
Product name: Fan of glass reinforced plastics
Norms model: 4-72
Product measure: Do not be restricted
Referenced price: 500
Detailed content: 1 . Summarize
Our company produce 4 - 72 model centrifugal fan and 9 - 19 model centrifugal fan is what do by national metric system is new-style anti-corrosive centrifugal type fanner, be it is framework with high grade carbon steel, get together with what specific technology machines fat glass reinforced plastics undertakes compound make, not only the corrosion resistance that has fan of complete glass reinforced plastics can, also had the structural strength of steel qualitative fan.

2. Utility
4 - 72 - 12 model the caustic gas that centrifugal fanner applies to a platoon to send temperature not to exceed 80 ℃ , can use as general plant and building are ventilated take a breath. Particularly applicable purify tower form a complete set to use with the waste gas of all sorts of type. It is the ideal subsidiary engine equipment that waste gas purifies a tower.
Centrifugal fan uses B4-72 explosion proof at explosion proof ventilated system, performance structure and 4 - 72 model fan is identical.
3. The structure of fan
Fan NO2.8A-6A basically is comprised by the part such as impeller, housing, air inlet, electric machinery. N06C and NO8-20D are divided there still is transmission share outside having afore-mentioned structures.
A, impeller is type of wing tilting back ward, serve as framework with high grade armor plate, glass reinforced plastics is made by specific technology after classics characteristic is handled anticorrosive layer. Intensity is high, performance of air motive force is good, amount to G5 via balancing precision twice. 6 class, integral movement is smooth.
B, housing is integral spiral case with NO.2.8-12 housing with what glass reinforced plastics makes model, cannot ravel. So that be put when installation and maintenance,NO16-20 housing makes 3 type or take out impeller. Inside the surface is flowing, resistance is little; Air inlet makes integral astringent type for glass reinforced plastics, enter the mouth in housing via be being secured with bolt after finish machining side, precision is tall, can make gas enters impeller smoothly, resistance of going from place to place is little.
Group of C, transmission: A type, B type, C type, D type the fan of way of 4 kinds of transmission. Main shaft all is made with fine steel, and corrode aeriform contact place to have defend specially layer, the structure is simple, safeguard convenient.
D, bracket solders by A3 steel and become. To satisfy the characteristic requirement of the user. This factory is divided outside installing a graph to make by the standard. Also can ask by user characteristic treatment is made.
Unit name: Limited company of glass reinforced plastics of strong county of Heibei province jujube [standard member]
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