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Glass reinforced plastics twines conduit
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Issue date: 2008-10-10 14:40:13
Period of validity: Nononono
Product name: Glass reinforced plastics twines conduit
Norms model: All ready
Product measure: Do not be restricted
Detailed content: Twining conduit of glass reinforced plastics is one kind light qualitative, excel in, anticorrosive metalloid conduit. It is it is matrix by colophony, fibre glass is made via special technology to enhance material and become. This kind of conduit has corrosion resistance can, the advantage such as impervious leakage function, heat proof quality, light qualitative excel in, life is long, can design a gender obstruction of strong, fluid small, installation is convenient, integrated cost is low advantage. Can use extensively at oil, chemical industry, pharmacy, electric power, papermaking, city to give catchment, factory sewage disposal, briny desalt, gas carry, the industry such as mine, the transportation that is ideal the conduit of liquid, gas. In recent years, development of production of conduit of our country glass reinforced plastics is very rapid, grow on quantitative year after year, applied limits and branch are wider and wider also.
Join fittings: Bear insert flange of canal of diameter of canal of bent housing of type, butt joint type, flange type, O circle type, t-shaped, different, flat position welding to wait
Basically have the following kinds at present: Conduit of pure glass reinforced plastics, clip arenaceous conduit, high pressure conduit, heat preservation conduit.
Unit name: Limited company of glass reinforced plastics of strong county of Heibei province jujube [standard member]
Contact: Yu Fei
Connect a telephone call: 0318-8386990
Mobile phone: 13932829912/13171717671
Fax: 0318-7056406
Contact an address: Garden of industry of jujube strong glass reinforced plastics
Zip code: 053100
Network address: Http://www.blgjt.com
Mailbox: Zqweiyeyufei@163.com

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