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Glass reinforced plastics purifies a tower
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Issue date: 2008-10-10 14:41:32
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Product name: Glass reinforced plastics purifies a tower
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Detailed content: Acerbity mist of glass reinforced plastics purifies a tower to use oxyhydrogen to change sodium solution to regard as absorb counteract fluid. Acerbity mist waste gas presses the canister inside the middle that purifies a tower to form pressure room by fan, again by control aggravating chamber all admeasure rouses bubble canal each, waste gas is in charge of those who enter case of lay aside fluid to absorb the generation in counteracting fluid to rouse bubble through rousing bubble, bleb passes layer of filter makings annulus, after making gas fluid gets be osculatoried adequately again, take off fluid via taking off fluid wind, emit into atmosphere next. Design a principle according to above, improved general glass reinforced plastics to purify the structure of the tower, took the following step:
(1) leave out the system of circular water pump that purifies a tower commonly;
(2) used the area that compare a list big, perforation leads tall, hole Kong Junyun, arrange well-regulated, channel to leave the new strain with small phenomenon to expect anadem of one round grain, replaced filter of home's commonly used Bao Er annulus to expect.
Quality of style of tower of glass reinforced plastics is authentic, performance is good.
The basis purifies a tower the working environment of each component, it is good to chose alkali resistance property respectively with the colophony with structural high intensity, appearance uses the gel coat resin with prevent aging behavior waterproof, good. To enhance tower body strength, tower body crust was used a certain number of fore-and-aft strengthen dish, used section of cylinder form double cylindrical shell and the integrated structure that separate a photograph couple respectively according to the bodily form size of all sorts of model. In the environment that because purify tower permanent worker to make,corrodes gas in soda acid sex, outside removing pressure of self of the body that follow a tower and solution pressure, the leeway when following the work even (fan total pressure in 200_250H 2 O) , ask all glass reinforced plastics is made should have good corrosion resistance already can, want to retain taller tension, compressive strength again, accordingly, my company is in mature with the platoon besides strong corrode the intensity below to fold decrease coefficient and hand paste to shape after the disperse property factor of craft, be aimed at tower structure and use environment characteristic, by worst working environment falls, component of whole glass reinforced plastics reachs the reserve strength that keeps rich.
Installation reachs care and maintenance:
The fundamental data that 1, user should provide according to my company pursues, undertake concrete foundation construction. Fundamental installed surface, should assure to be on same horizontal, purify tower leg notice bolt or receive crowded fixed in the foundation grant to bury armor plate to go up.
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