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Glass reinforced plastics twines container
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Unit name: Limited company of glass reinforced plastics of strong county of Heibei province jujube [standard member]
Contact: Yu Fei
Connect a telephone call: 0318-8386990
Mobile phone: 13932829912/13171717671
Fax: 0318-7056406
Contact an address: Garden of industry of jujube strong glass reinforced plastics
Zip code: 053100
Network address: Http://www.blgjt.com
Mailbox: Zqweiyeyufei@163.com
Issue date: 2008-10-10 14:38:17
Period of validity: Nononono
Product name: Glass reinforced plastics twines container
Norms model: All ready
Product measure: Do not be restricted
Referenced price: Actor price
Detailed content: Product introduction
Limited company of Heibei jujube strong glass reinforced plastics is home introduces abroad earlier advanced the manufacturer of major of glass reinforced plastics that twines technology and equipment. All sorts of tin that the company produces are with tall colophony content anti-corrosive the liner layer, layer that prevent ooze, fiber is twined strengthen layer and composition of outside covering layer, use personal computer to control twines craft to make and be become. Line of the products has twine canister of equipment of canister of lay aside of horizontal of storage tank of glass reinforced plastics, glass reinforced plastics, vertical, carriage canister, pressure canister, chemical industry, chemical retort, storage tank to wait.
2. Product function
The surface is slick, clean Yi Qing is washed
Fight microbial corrosion
Be able to bear or endure high pressure, fight ageing, weight light, intensity tall, insulation, prevent ooze
Heat conduction rate is low, maintain constant temperature effectively to store
Service life is long, be as long as 50 years, need not safeguard
According to user requirement, add can without lid to heat reach cooling device
3. Product application
Store all sorts of caustic medium (like acerbity, alkaline, salt kind, sewage)
Wine kind, contain alcohol kind and adipose kind of rubber packing sheet
Food ferments coal tub
Vinegar, soy and acidity rubber packing sheet
Oil field uses large sewage jar
Chemical industry uses jar of of all kinds and large store
Device of flue gas to decoke, chimney, flue
4. Product standards
Diameter: DN1000-8000
Bulk: 1-1000m3

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