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Tower of refrigeration of glass reinforced plastics of type of HBLG large crossc
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Issue date: 2008-10-10 14:41:41
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Product name: Tower of refrigeration of glass reinforced plastics
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Detailed content: Tower of refrigeration of glass reinforced plastics of type of HBLG large crosscurrent
Code meaning:
Industry of cooling tower of glass reinforced plastics of type of H — crosscurrent, B— , L— , G— , 400T— water quantity.
Design parameter:
Temperature of air wet ballτ=28 ℃ , into water ℃ of lukewarm T 1 =43, give ℃ of water lukewarm T 2 =33. Atmosphere force P=100400pa.
Structural characteristic:
This series refrigeration tower has heating power property good, power consumption is low, whole tower stability good, appearance low, construction installs beautiful, noise cycle weak point, cost is low advantage, use extensively in the circulatory system with the much business such as oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power. Apply to area of our country northward severe cold, solved winter shutter effectively freezing problem. It was used change torque changes extremely electric machinery, make noise side is reached in stability of body of report of heating power function, bad news, tower, live domestic and international banner standard. Filling uses right angle of tower of crosscurrent type refrigeration to fold wave filling, area of watch of this kind of filling is large, strong to the repartition ability of water, wind resistance is little, heating power character and filling of other of obstruction character excel.
1. Tower body accepts force structure: For steel structure, added much syncline of crystal lattice type to maintain, sex of whole tower steel is good, the 0.15mm of the biggest amplitude that move. Steel structure was adopted strengthen anticorrosive measure, varnish of drop of oxygen of annulus of the besmear after galvanization or chloric sulphonating polyethylene 2.
2. Palisade structure: For polyester glass reinforced plastics, qualitative light excel in is anti-corrosive, fight ageing.
3. Wind canister: Reclaim for kinetic energy model, air current organizes reasonable, efficiency steel products of tall, glass is qualitative, qualitative light excel in is anti-corrosive.
4. Fan: Blade material is annulus oxygen glass reinforced plastics character, blade is machine look forward to model, filling foamed plastics is filled inside, fan pneumatic reasonable, wind force big, efficiency tall, noise is low, anti-corrosive.
5. Decelerate machine: Horizontal horizontal, noise low, efficiency is tall, oil-lubricated reliable, overhaul is convenient.
6. Electric machinery: The cooling tower that designs for Tsinghua university is special change torque changes extremely gearshift electric machinery. Cent explosion proof and not explosion proof 2 kinds. Should change electric machinery, HBLG 3 -800, HBLG 3 -1000 for double fast, HBLG 3 -1200 for 3 fast. Energy-saving and remarkable ability calls “ energy-saving model cooling tower ” , can control electric machinery rotate speed through controlling ark. Gearshift electric machinery with sheet fast electric machinery with year plan but section report 40%-50% , its movement management is agile, when air temperature tall, temperature big or the equipment that use water is wet fall big when, open high speed. Can open middling speed or low speed conversely, air temperature is inferior in the evening also can open medium, low speed. Right now noise can drop 3-6dB (A) above. The fan when winter is frozen can open low speed to invert. Quick pass the time in a leisurely way puts the air temperature Gaoke inside the tower on the ice and do not injure fan. Open low speed to also can decrease wave water, because freeze,surroundings is not sent form pollution. When opening high speed, control ark but automatic from low speed - middling speed - high speed, reduced starting electric current.
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