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Huang Jiakang teachs SMC/BMC expert
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Huang Jiakang, teach class senior engineer, association of industry of Chinese fibre glass is advisory, chairman of committee of major of mould pressing of association of industry of Chinese glass reinforced plastics. Was graduated from aviation of northwest industry university 1963 metalloid material is professional.
In July 1963 - in July 1992, the designing institute studies in glass reinforced plastics of Beijing of bureau of national building materials (predecessor is institute of glass reinforced plastics of Beijing of building materials ministry) the job. Director of project controller, group leader, lab, scientific research is had successively held the posts of during this the duty such as assistant chief engineer of full-time of 2 strong points, courtyard.
In March 1989 - emeritus in August 2001, chair during this founded head office of goods of Beijing car glass reinforced plastics to hold the position of this company general manager nearly 11 years.
1978, win title of “ engineer ” .
1987, obtain “ to teach course title of senior engineer ” .
Was hired to be part-time job of “ of Wuhan industry university to teach ” 1988, had recruited Master graduate student.
Rose 1992, enjoy government of “ of the State Council special and subsidiary ” .
Have a job more than 40 years to pursue research of technology of composite material of glass reinforced plastics and product development, trial-produce, production and administrative job all the time. Had published 4 monograph, had published more than 10 paper. Multinomial research achievement wins award of ministry class, state level. Had chaired a country to tackle key problem project and great skill revise a project. Develops product involves groovy weapon, spaceflight, aviation and field of special type weapon, also involve the civil product such as car, building.
Was in 1978 the award of advanced worker ” that the whole nation wins “ to make significant contribution on congress of first science and technology.
In cooperation of war industry of countrywide national defence the job was met 1985 on, be granted title of ” of “ advanced individual.
Managed the project of window frame of railroad passenger car of research 1988, win award of science and technology of first spark of countrywide.
1993---Development is chaired to succeed during 1997 ” of new product of level of 13 “ state.
Joined the project of special hydraulic press of development 1997, obtain science and technology of machinist trade department to progress second-class award.
During holding a post, Ceng Jian has assumed the post that the following learning organizes:
All previous glass reinforced plastics learns director.
Director of association of industry of many China glass reinforced plastics, standing director.
Chairman of committee of major of material of mould pressing of association of industry of glass reinforced plastics.
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