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Pull crowded twine technology expert Wang Changsheng senior engineer
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Wang Changsheng, senior engineer. Currently hold the post ofchief engineer of limited company of group of Heibei division force. Ceng Shu writes a paper " mould of glass reinforced plastics is made " , " goods of glass reinforced plastics and anticorrosive the application in project of power plant project " and " anticorrosion material and glass reinforced plastics are pulled crowded make new technology " , participate in industry technology to tackle key problem with product research and development.
97-99 year once attended academy of Chinese society science class economy management and major of economic trade department learn on-the-job Master graduate student, obtain finance and letter of complete a course of graduate student of economic management Master.
2000, parted to be versed in in university of Beijing science and technology, Huadongli university, Heibei university attends anticorrosion engineer to continue to teach 2002 groom reach knowledge of major of glass reinforced plastics to learn, obtain letter of graduation of national major technology, complete a course respectively.
Was in up to now 2001 part-time while technique of company chief engineer, be assigned personal responsibility for works, stress technical innovation and product research and development by force, went up newly glass reinforced plastics is crowded draw production line of window of profile, door, be in passed a country to build center of industrial product quality supervision and inspection to detect in those days attestation.
To enhance company reserve strength, do well the technology grooms, backbone of technology of the youth in leading a company attends manager of construction project project to groom early or late class study, approve project manager letter.
Was by assess of hall of Heibei province science and technology, human affairs hall in January 2004 senior engineer.
Organize new product research and development and sale actively, run the market looks for a project, build combination to develop cooperative relationship with expert and scientific research school, enlarge product market atmosphere and influence hard, be in early or late the nation is large in the project, development promotion introduces the product such as bracket of glass reinforced plastics and filling of power plant water tower and splash siphon device, 5 products detect through national authority the quality of the orgnaization detects, achieve and exceed country and level of power industry standard respectively, power plant of the Hua Dingzhou that be like a country 2 *600MW, power plant of hill of big Tang Tang aircrew of a *300MW, build and product of form a complete set of project of extend project project and technology serve, for electric power project application lays good foundation, in last few years in surely continent extend of power plant, Xing Tai power plant, Henan always city power plant, Tang Shan on the west heat and power plant of island of outskirt heat and power plant, Qin Huang 3 period, the project such as project of limited company of pyroelectricity of power plant of hill of electric double duck, Hua Runcang city offers the country product and technology.
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