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Expert of BMC of mould pressing craft corrects Bai Ming to teach
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Kuang Baiming, professor level is high engineer, professional committee of SMC/BMC of association of industry of Chinese glass reinforced plastics is standing director, jiangsu saves SMC/BMC and chairman of seminar of technology of its mould pressing.
Was born in Jiangsu to visit the town that do not have stannum 1938. Took an examination of 1956 into Beijing Tsinghua university, read at project physics / the project is mechanical and professional, after graduating 1961 work of of all kinds technology is held the position of for a long time in basic level enterprise. One's early years assumes office at car plant, make from technician, till progressively promotion holds the position of total technology division, here all previous classics 25 years of time. The design of clamping apparatus of tool of the design of the process designing of craft, complex to the machining of car engine and car batholith component cutting tool, difficulty and the design strength of the modular machine tool that be not mark are quite late. Ever took a team to go to Czech on behalf of the one machine ministry at that time too take off the survey that pulls heavy-duty car plant to have technical communication, transfer of technology to work, the relevant major that learns in auto industry publishs concerned paper for many times inside branch, be travelled together reputably with recommend.
Middleaged later, turn into industry of car lamps and lanterns and electric switch industry in succession. The abnormity car headlamp that took the lead in making the first take BMC illuminator in home 1990; The crust of all and homebred breaker of BMC model carapace that took the lead in creating the first to be exported to Japan in home 1996. Later test of principle of recipe of material of foundation of 20 years of involve BMC, BMC, BMC examines, goods of equipment of mediate of craft of preparation of BMC standard formulate, BMC, BMC, BMC shapes, goods of BMC goods mould, BMC is designed, BMC shapes critical process of aftertreatment of illuminator of equipment and BMC all-around. Obtained seriation BMC to digest the technical achievement that absorbs development innovation and invention patent, the enterprise that assumes office for its obtained arrogant person outstanding achievement.
Kuang Baiming is taught all along pursue one's studies is rigorous, humanness is condescending, be happy to communicate. Groom for a long time in the major inside industry of glass reinforced plastics the class gives lessons, get student greatly reputably with the welcome.

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