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Lamina of wind energy conversion system studies Wu Peichao teachs design expert
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Wu Peichao, senior engineer. Wind-force of glass reinforced plastics generates electricity blade considers to design an expert, courtyard of the Bo on Ceng Ren “ of state committee of science and technology 15 ” of 95 ”“ tackle key problem project- - “ wind-force generates electricity group leader of group of project of blade development ” , of development 200, 300KW wind- driven lamina still is being used normally at present. Oneself ever won award of third class of progress of national science and technology.
Was graduated from major of aerodynamics of Beijing aerospace university 1964. 1964 ~2001 year work in institute of Shanghai glass reinforced plastics, basically be engaged in glass reinforced plastics getting power (basically be blade) design, development and the research such as the experiment work.

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