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Nanjing aerospace university teachs doctoral student adviser: Yu Gong is sent
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Yu Gong is sent, doctor, civil engineering of Nanjing aerospace university fastens head of adviser of professor, doctoral student, department, adviser of researcher of innovation of institute of saline of Qinghai of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral student, science of southeast university material learns adviser of doctoral student of courtyard part-time job with the project, chinese water chestnut is magnesian guild is advanced and standing director, advisory, southeast university is outstanding gainer of doctor's degree paper, jiangsu saves gainer of paper of outstanding doctor's degree, gainer of award of nomination of paper of countrywide outstanding doctor's degree, once obtained enjoy the qualified personnel of provincial and outstanding professional technology with special and subsidiary government, selected Liaoning saves “ ” of project of 1 billion talents 1000 people administrative levels (2001) etc. The divide into equal parts of priority discipline of national science foundation that he finishs as main contributor is not obtained Jiangsu province science and technology progressed 2006 award first prize and award of progress of national science and technology is second-class 2007 award.
The fundamental theory that Yu Gong sends a professor to basically be engaged in the respect such as building materials of chloric oxygen magnesian cement, gesso and high-powered concrete and research of project application technology and education work, chair national science foundation, Jiangsu to save science foundation emphasis, Qinghai to save great science and technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, country to build project of scientific research of class of ministry of the country such as the ministry, province 10, assumed national emphasis science and technology to tackle key problem as main participant, emphasis of national science foundation, country 973, country 863 wait for a project 9, was in charge of making WB/T1019-2002 of national occupation standard " magnesium goods uses water chestnut to be burned gently magnesian " . Had published " chloric oxygen magnesian cement and its application " wait for monograph 2, publish “ new-style the long-term strength of system of data of gel of the research ” that fights magnesian cement of water chloric oxygen, “MgO-SF-FA-MgCl2-H2O and be able to bear or endure the paper such as ” of research of ability in swimming more than 80, EI, SCI collect more than 30, acquire division of the 3rd China assist excellent paper award and Chinese silicate learn periodical the 2nd " silicate journal " excellent paper award.
He obtained the research positive result with advanced international in the research domain such as material of chloric oxygen magnesian cement, the citric acid that put forward active MgO content determines quickly method; Change outcome of magnesian cement reaction through using additive technology 5? 1? 5 it is the crystallization configuration of 8, good to gain water stability? 1? 8 gel structure, raise its significantly long-term water-resistance can; The ideal structure model of the ” of photograph of crystallization of cementation of “ gel photograph that offerred magnesian cement material; Announced adequately the stuff such as vitriol of phosphoric acid, iron, fly ash and silicon ash is right the modified mechanism of magnesian cement. He waits for phosphate, sulfate technology of compound additive technology, mineral sophisticate makings to wait to apply chloric oxygen magnesium integratedly in cement material modified, the tall water-resistance magnesian cement that development has feature of rigid of certain level water 2 kinds successfully, its are long-term bate coefficient achieves 1.5 ~ 2 above, realized material of chloric oxygen magnesian cement the heavy about-face from ability in swimming of gas rigid Xiang Kang, does the key that offers mechanism of ability in swimming of its Gao Kang depend on 5? 1? 8 configuration produced essential sex to transform, and the new-style gel photograph that forms water rigid and crystal and equal child. In observing first, alkaline fibre glass is in magnesian cement products 13 ~ the configuration of surface of scanning electron microscope after 18 years, discussed the wear deterioration mechanism of magnesian cement products, dog for a long time, surveyed pantile, roof boarding, ventilating duct, vegetable big frame, fire prevention board, street brick and agricultural defend the typical case such as ooze canal the wear of magnesian cement material, reached the rule of service life data of magnesian cement material, etc.
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