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Pull secretary-general of Bin of stone of crowded technology expert
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Shi Bin, jiangsu saves composite material to learn standing deputy secretary-general, chinese composite material learns director, chinese composite material learns development of science and technology and committee member of advisory job committee, deputy secretary-general, in Inc. of material science and technology is advanced engineer.
Was born in Jiangsu to be like Gao 1956, was graduated from major of composite material of college of industry of Hua Dong grain 1980 (former glass reinforced plastics is specialty) , allocation of of the same age studies to Nanjing fibre glass the designing institute works up to now, 80-85 year basically be engaged in increasing at Bo fine thermoplastic plastic (if Bo fine enhances polypropylene, nylon, ABS, PBT,wait) research and development works.
1986 - 1992 basically be engaged in Bo fine enhancing hot solid sex plastic (basically be mould pressing of spacer of insulation of screw of insulation of glass reinforced plastics, glass reinforced plastics, BMC, SMC, enhance production of colophony moulding makings to wait) servive routine of technology of research and development.
1992-2003 year temporarily transfer Nanjing is promoted inferior limited company of glass reinforced plastics works, hold the position of senior engineer early or late, the duty such as technical department manager, be engaged in pulling crowded glass reinforced plastics to shape craft, participate in or be in charge of developing development to pull grille of crowded glass reinforced plastics, round canal, square tube, steel of bridge of aerial cover, cable, whorl, pull club of crowded annulus oxygen, canal to wait pull crowded goods and technical servive routine.
2003 up to now, in Jiangsu province composite material learns the job, ceng Can and organize seminar of international home composite material 4 times, form a delegation 3 times conference of JEC of visit Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, France, the project is developed inside integrated industry 4.
Will 20 years ever participated in courtyard of Nanjing Bo fine spoken English be released from production to take on other duty learns a class, graduate student class learns the systematic project major that courtyard of Nanjing Bo fine and southeast university couplet do 2 years, hold the position of a joint ventures, the duty such as joint-venture enterprises general manager.

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