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Elder brother of land of conduit design expert is advanced engineer
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Liu Kun, senior engineer, ever held the post of Shanghai the duty such as director of workshop of limited company of boast China glass reinforced plastics, chief engineer.
78—82 year undergraduate course of major of glass reinforced plastics of institute of Harbin construction project, baccalaureate;
82—92 year Shanghai is big in development of product of burnt glass reinforced plastics of hand of building materials total factory, development;
93—99 year Shanghai chemical industry is mechanical 2 factories glass reinforced plastics lay aside canister, tower implement design and craft;
99 — up to now Shanghai boasts China design of clip arenaceous canal, craft mixes glass reinforced plastics of limited company of glass reinforced plastics detect.
Still be engaged in introducing SMC, BMC during afore-mentioned jobs product line, RTM product line, successive twine clip arenaceous pipe product line works. Chair Guo Zhuji the development such as inspection shaft of whole of product of low-pressure and grille of craft of composite material mould pressing, glass reinforced plastics, large RTM, glass reinforced plastics works.

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