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Interlocution of technology of organic and inorganic glass reinforced plastics
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Content brief introduction:
Raw material of this satchel draw together, organic glass reinforced plastics and inorganic glass reinforced plastics 3. Finishing and coupling agent application, mould makes a rope for towing a boat of solidify of overview of cent glass reinforced plastics, fibre glass, colophony, filling, polyester resinous, Bo, brief introduction of production methods of other of the construction method brief introduction that production of agent of drawing of patterns, glass reinforced plastics, hand papers FRP product, FRP, RTM shapes the join of law, FRP and adhesive.

Go up a raw material
The first chapter is summarized
The 2nd chapter fibre glass
Colophony of the 3rd chapter
Filling of the 4th chapter
Medium an organic glass reinforced plastics (FRP)
Solidify of resinous of polyester of the 5th chapter
Finishing and coupling agent use a rope for towing a boat of Bo of the 6th chapter
Pattern of the 7th order is made
Agent of drawing of patterns of the 8th order
Glass reinforced plastics of the 9th chapter is produced
Hand of the 10th chapter papers the construction method brief introduction of FRP product
The brief introduction of other production standard of eleventh chapter FRP
Dozenth chapter RTM shapes law
The join of thirteenth chapter FRP reachs adhesive
The basic function of glass reinforced plastics of the 14th chapter
Issue an inorganic glass reinforced plastics (FRIM)
The raw material of FRIM of the 15th chapter reachs solidify
The production of FRIM of the 16th chapter
Of FRIM of the seventeenth chapter and FRP compound
The function of FRIM of the 18th chapter

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