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Handiwork of goods of glass reinforced plastics shapes > of craft < the second e
From;    Author:Stand originally
Write translator: Zou Ningyu
Press: Chemical industry press
The price: 39 yuan
Content brief introduction:
This book basically introduces fibre glass to increase plastic the handiwork that enhances material with other fibre glass shapes craft and of all kinds goods. Through introducing material, tool, mould, face-lifting and repair, craft, structure reachs all sorts of goods, relatively comprehensive, systematization ground narrated the newest development direction of vitreous handiwork goods, engineering technology and specific application, the each respect knowledge that makes the reader masters goods of handiwork of glass reinforced plastics basically can be operated actually.
This book can offer trade of glass reinforced plastics from personnel of course of study, the user of broad application glasswork and teachers and students of relevant universities and colleges are referenced.

Material of muscle of the first chapter · fibre glass
Colophony of · of base material of the 2nd chapter and auxiliary material
Tool of the 3rd chapter and material
Pattern of the 4th order
The 5th chapter is assembled, repair and increase
Technology of production of the 6th chapter and manufacturing plant (workshop)
Structure of interlining of the 7th chapter reachs preparation
Container of the 8th chapter and conduit
The 9th chapter vehicle
Building of glass reinforced plastics of the 10th chapter and building materials
Machinery of eleventh chapter glass reinforced plastics manufactures technology
Fibre glass enhances dozenth rule other gel material

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