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Manual of technology of brachylogy of glass reinforced plastics
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Chief editor: Association of industry of Chinese glass reinforced plastics
Content brief introduction:
The function characteristic that this letters wanted to introduce glass reinforced plastics, composition, a variety of shaping that appear defect of condition of the characteristic of craft, craft, actor, applicable material, easily issue that basically introduced glass reinforced plastics and means of settlement. Include hand paste to shape, eject shapes, colophony is delivered shape, fiber is twined shape, SMC, BMC, pull crowded shape, successive plank shapes, bag of RIM, vacuum shapes, centrifugal shape, colophony film infiltration shapes, beforehand dip expects (high-pressured boiler) shape, microtherm solidify.

Composite material of the first part is basic concept and classification
Fibre glass of the 2nd part enhances plastic character
1 design and make the 4 big characteristics that go up
2 function characteristic
2.1 advantages
2.2 defect

The 3rd part grows general situation domestic and internationally

1 glass reinforced plastics traces to the source to expand the course of change and development with abroad
Industry of glass reinforced plastics of 2 our country grows course
The characteristic of industry of glass reinforced plastics of 3 our country
Current situation of trade of glass reinforced plastics of 4 our country reachs the comparison of its and international level
4.1 companies condition
Glass reinforced plastics of 4.2 past years reachs his crop of main raw material
4.3 formerly complementary material
4.4 production technology and technology equip

Fibre glass of the 4th part enhances the bases of composite material and function

The main function of 1 fibre glass
The main function of 2 base material

Fibre glass of the 5th part enhances composite material to bear load brief analyse

1 drawing
2 compress
3 cut
4 bend

the six ministries in feudal China distributes colophony system

1 resinous character asks
The mechanical function of 1.1 colophony system
The felt function of 1.2 colophony system
The tenacity of 1.3 colophony system
1.4 resinous are able to bear or endure await a gender
1.5 resinous hear resistance
1.6 resinous are flame retardant quality
1.7 resinous are able to bear or endure chemistry is caustic
1.8 colophony satisfy the requirement of composite material workmanship
2 colophony type
2.1 thermoplastic colophony
Colophony of sex of 2.2 hot solid
The 2.3 heat that regard composite material as base material originally sexual colophony and thermoplastic resinous character is compared

Fibre glass of the 7th part enhances plastic products to shape method

Goods of 1 glass reinforced plastics shapes 3 element
2 colophony base composite material shapes craft classification
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