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Craft of inorganic glass reinforced plastics reachs application
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Author: Wang Yu rank
Press: Chemical industry press
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Content brief introduction:
This book system, comprehensive ground introduced craft of inorganic glass reinforced plastics and application, the author adopts practice of a few years, summed up the experience in production and lesson, and will arrange, sublimate. Specific content involves: The raw material of inorganic glass reinforced plastics; The function of magnesian cement of agent of mechanism of the burden of magnesian cement, solid, fast solidify, chloric oxygen reachs additive; The problem in the intensity of FRIM, course, application, production and characteristic; Of FRP and FRIM compound; The application of concrete of mortar of concrete of magnesian cement sawdust, magnesian cement, magnesian cement; The content such as polyurethane soft film. Content is new, practical strong. The brainpower that this book can produce for be engaged in glass reinforced plastics and relevant personnel are referenced, the reference book that also can regard production as the enterprise and manufacturing technology groom teaching material.

The raw material of glass reinforced plastics of inorganic of the first chapter
The first overview reachs character
The main raw material of magnesian cement of the 2nd chloric oxygen

The burden of magnesian cement of the 2nd chapter reachs solidify mechanism
The reaction system of the first magnesian cement reachs production
The reaction course of the 2nd magnesian cement
The quantity using liquid of body and solution make up the 3rd magnesian grout
The magnesian cement that the 4th fibre glass enhances

The function of magnesian cement of chloric oxygen of the 3rd chapter reachs additive
The first water-resistance
The 2nd soft qualitative FRIM
Of the 3rd magnesian cement expansile and be out of shape quality
The get damp of products of the 4th magnesian cement returns bittern phenomenon
The problem of exterior extensive frost of products of the 5th magnesian cement
The stability of the 6th magnesian cement reachs craze issue
Function of etc of the wearability of the 7th magnesian cement, impermeability
The application that brilliant of the 8th 5·1·8 plants

The problem that FRIM of the 4th chapter produces reachs a characteristic
The intensity of FRIM of the 5th chapter reachs course
The first raises the measure of FRIM intensity
The 2nd shortens the measure of the reaction course of FRIM
Quicken the step of response rate the 3rd winter
The integrated clew of technical properties of the 4th magnesian cement piece
The 5th magnesium chloride heats burden law

Of FRP of the 6th chapter and FRIM compound
The compound craft of the first FRP and FRIM
The product of compound craft of the 2nd FRP and FRIM
Organic and complex law and FRP mix form of the 3rd modified FRIM two kinds of glass reinforced plastics
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