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SMC moulding expects the craft that make reachs his to use technical collection
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Content brief introduction:
○ technology data " the craft of SMC moulding makings that make and collection of its application technology " , collection 36 articles that the concerned SMC moulding that publishs publicly already expects the craft that make reachs his to use a technology.

" the craft of SMC moulding makings that make and collection of its application technology " the content in the book, whole book distributes a share in all, 180 pages, 230 thousand word.

Makings of moulding of SMC of the first part makes engineering technology, include: In recent years sheet of SMC of colophony of hot solid sex makes the newest progress of craft, excel in SMC makes technology, the class A surface of SMC studies, phenolic aldehyde SMC reachs craft of its mould pressing, inside SMC color technology, the Bo fine of not saturated polyester increases (SMC, BMC) , choose organized a few country inchoate about piece use colophony of shape moulding makings and its place is burnt, the content such as group of feed of not saturated polyester.

Goods of SMC of the 2nd part makes technology and its application, collected 7 essays in all, include among them: Concern a shape moulding makings and the application that its wait for a respect in course of study of bldg. , auto industry, electric equipment, the SMC development application on a replacement of car component, car reachs development foreground, SMC goods is in our country auto industry is potential the analysis of the market, still concern understand fan housing at large BMC engine, moulding of SMC, DMC makes the content such as the example of base of 35KV and F switch.

Raw material of SMC of the 3rd part and its quality are controlled, collected 7 essays in all, include among them: Concerned MC colophony and its quality control a technology, fibre glass enhances makings of moulding of not saturated polyester to be in shape a few problems that the attention answers in the process, super and dispersive magnesian the influence of burnt to SMC/BMC colophony viscosity, craze of goods of SMC DMC moulding and eliminate, SMC produces craft quality management, SMC/BMC makes progress with the research of low contractive additive, the content such as the research of system of solidify of phenolic aldehyde SMC.

The 4th part is thermoplastic the moulding makings technology that make and its application, collected 10 essays in all, include among them: About compound thermoplastic the progress circumstance with plastic project, the tall strong fine that attack Bo enhances the development of polypropylene and application, fill polypropylene is plastic the application on car dashboard, modified DAP mould pressing is developed plasticly, enhance polypropylene to apply on plumbic acerbity accumulator, pump of engine nylon seawater, bo fine enhances nylon the trial-produce of 6, enhance collector ring of polypropylene electric machinery, micaceous / fibre glass is jumbly enhance polypropylene to apply on sumbersible pump impeller, thermoplastic the content such as progress of research of model of macerate of composite material matrix.
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