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Machining of glass reinforced plastics
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Chief editor: Mu Huimin, Yuan Hairong, Mu Zehua
Content brief introduction:
This book elaborated method of characteristic of the primary treatment sort of glass reinforced plastics, function and treatment systematically, introduce and analysed cutting to process machine tool, cutting tool and cutting processing technique, discussed cutting to machine the influence that theory and main essential factor machine to cutting, explored more reliable advanced cutting tool and lathe tool of advanced processing technique —— and turning, milling cutter and milling, emery wheel to reach curium (grind) cut, planing tool and dig are cut, broach and auger cut, reamer and bore with a reamer are cut, thread machining. Additional, defend to dust pollution in the book also made the introduction, offerred better means.
This book is straightaway, practical stronger, can offer the technical personnel that is engaged in machining of glass reinforced plastics, particular operation personnel to learn reference, the reference such as craft of the relevant personnel that also can produce a business for glass reinforced plastics, machining and the researcher that machine cutting tool.

The first chapter is summarized 1
Material of the first commonly used glass reinforced plastics 1
The character of the 2nd glass reinforced plastics 3
One, density 4
2, heat conduction function 4
3, heat-resisting function 4
4, dielectric protecties 4
5, corrosion resistance can 4
6, processing function 4

The cutting of glass reinforced plastics of the 2nd chapter is machined 9
The cutting processability of the first glass reinforced plastics 9
One, the cutting processability of of all kinds glass reinforced plastics is summarized 9
2, the factor that affects cutting treatment 12
3, be on guard measure 16
The cutting process of the 2nd glass reinforced plastics 18
One, cutting process 18
2, cutting force 19
3, the factor that affects cutting force 21
4, the attrition when cutting 25
5, heat in metal cutting and cutting temperature 26
The requirement of cutting of the 3rd glass reinforced plastics to machine tool and cutting tool 32
One, the requirement to the machine tool 32
2, cutting machines cutting tool 34
3, the geometrical parameter of cutting cutting tool 41
Of cutting tool of cutting of the 4th glass reinforced plastics wear away 47
One, of cutting tool wear away characteristic and note 48
2, cutting treatment cutting tool wears away reason 49
3, the factor that affects cutting tool durability 50
Cutting of the 5th glass reinforced plastics machines cooling lubricant to reach its to choose 53
One, air is cooling and lubricant action 53
2, cutting machines refrigerant 54
3, the choice of cooling fluid 55
4, cutting machines cooling method 57
Quality of surface of treatment of spare parts of the 6th glass reinforced plastics and influencing factor 58
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