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Conduit of equipment of water treatment of international of the 9th Harbin is ex
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Issue date: 2008-09-17 10:57:14
Period of validity: 6 months
Detailed content: Place: Harbin international exhibition center
Time: On April 20, 2009 - 22 days
Support an unit: Association of industry of Chinese environmental protection
Heilongjiang saves environmental protection bureau
Sponsor an unit: Harbin city environmental protection bureau
Bureau of Wu of Harbin town water
Harbin lays catchment group finite liability company
Supervisory bureau of technology of Harbin city quality
Harbin city health bureau
Harbin city town planning bureau
Undertake unit: Does   Chuo long to make  of Xing of bake in a pan of appraise of of lineal descent aing kind of sweet grass smooth with a rake all right?
Assist run an unit: Zou   " ┧   ?
Heilongjiang saves association of environmental protection industry
Association of Harbin city environmental protection industry
Couplet of governmental director branch sleeves sponsor, guild is main assist do, famous media tripartite balance of forces supports the industry, northeast area dimensions the biggest, class the distinguished gathering of water industry industry with highest, best effect. Wait with Russia alone couplet body and Eastern European country are given priority to, enlarge the trade of classics of environmental protection industry with circumjacent country and area to cooperate; Borrow base of northeast old industry to revitalize the strategy to be chance, tectonic internationally industry of environmental protection water, exhibit an enterprise to provide a complete business affairs platform to join, we will pass exhibition dispatch, omnibus advertisement conduct propaganda and network conduct propaganda to wait a series of market promotion activity makes join exhibit business to be able to undertake with cause client contact is communicated regularly. Strengthen as what the government carries out strength to the attention of environmental problem and policy, environmental protection industry is greeting a gold to develop period, we will be chance to expand with the largest investment with this extend the influence of the meeting.
Exhibition dimensions:
Predict to join meeting country and area to achieve more than 10, foreign travelling merchant 1 more than 1000 people, domestic traveling trader 30 thousand more than person.
Show gross area 22000 smooth rice, among them indoor exhibition area 12000 smooth rice, exhibit outdoor 10000 smooth rice.
Professional audience invites, organization, creat for you infinite business chance!
Show time:
Will come 22 days on April 20, 2009
Show a location:
Chinese Harbin international exhibition center (ave of Harbin city red flag 301)
Water industry exhibits area setting:
One, give catchment technology device (municipal, building, industry, fire control) : Equipment of water supply of pump, valve, weather strip, frequency conversion; Net of tubal material, pipe fitting, conduit, canal detects establishment and construction technology; Decrease brace up lie between shake, insulation material and equipment; Industrial waste water and technology of city life sewage disposal and equipment, industrial water and technology of processing of urban water supply and equipment;
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