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China International glass reinforced plastics ran path fair 2008
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Issue date: 2008-07-17 11:49:44
Period of validity: 2 months
Sponsor an unit: Oil of China of bureau of conduit of Chinese oil natural gas runs road company
Ginseng extend range: Glass reinforced plastics places arenaceous conduit, craft high pressure twines conduit, cable to protect a canal
Extend meeting program: On October 16, 2008 - 18 days
Detailed content: One, program arrangement
Place: House of A-B of Langfang international exhibition
Show time: In October 2008 16-18 day
2, constituent unit
Support an unit
Association of industry of Chinese composite material (association of industry of former China glass reinforced plastics)
Sponsor an unit
Chinese oil natural gas runs path bureau
Branch of conduit of Inc. of Chinese oil natural gas
Inc. of Chinese oil natural gas is enraged on the west east be defeated by conduit branch
Chinese oil group western conduit is finite liability company
3, show content
Glass reinforced plastics places arenaceous conduit, craft high pressure twines conduit, cable to protect a canal;
Craft of construction of pipeline of glass reinforced plastics reachs device;
Air channel of organic, inorganic glass reinforced plastics;
Glass reinforced plastics carries coal tub, memory canister to wait.
4, visiting organization
To make exhibition becomes communication of the business inside the industry and communication platform, the organizing committee postpones division business by industry category division into districts, the audience visits the applied case that extends company product to joining and in a planned way of business development way, organization major that has specific aim. The organization of the professional to conduit of glass reinforced plastics audience that exhibit an area according to grind, produce, beg, annul wait for a few respects to undertake as follows arranging:
The first grind
The key invites the trade unit such as orgnaization of scientific research of industry of glass reinforced plastics, universities and colleges to undertake visiting
The 2nd produce
For the industry manufacturing company builds the platform of communication study, the key produces an unit to undertake invitation to the product
The 3rd beg
Key hereat, regard the terminal of product of glass reinforced plastics as the user, we are aimed at the applied circumstance key of conduit of glass reinforced plastics to cross an industry to invite
5. Expenses detailed rules and regulations
Course of study of foreign enterprise of condition of joint ventures of name home company
The standard is exhibited 6000 yuan 10000 yuan of 3000 dollars
Indoor light ground 700 yuan 1000 yuan of 300 dollars
The smooth ground outdoor 500 yuan 600 yuan of 150 dollars
Meeting Wu expends 880 yuan 1000 yuan of 200 dollars
Technical communication lecture 5000 yuan 10000 yuan of 1500 dollars

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