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2008 China (Qingdao) international composite material and exposition of fibre gl
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Issue date: 2008-08-28 09:26:11
Period of validity: 3 months
Detailed content: Sponsor an orgnaization: Association of Chinese industry collaboration
Shandong saves association of building materials industry
Exhibition of Guangdong rich prosperous serves limited company
Qingdao rich peaceful shows trade limited company
Show time: On November 18, 2008 - 20 days
Show a location: International exhibition center of Chinese · Qingdao
Support an orgnaization: Chinese silicate learns branch of glass reinforced plastics
Assist do an orgnaization: Glass reinforced plastics / company of composite material magazine
Abroad representative: Limited company of international of advertisement of Hong Kong understand.
Specially invite supports an unit: (the rank is not divided early or late)
Spaceflight of megalithic group company 703
Place of stuff of aviation of share of father-in-law Bo fine
Clear of Japan of company of Chongqing Bo fine and company
Company of science and technology of the material in Japanese Dong Li company
Dong Bangyou is restricted heart of company Shanghai state limited company
Peaceful of dust Er of German SGL company restrains international company
Company of Guangzhou of company of star of cheerful of colophony of Changzhou China division
Solid of heart of Hengdian group company is surpassed (China) company
France of American MVP company restrains thunder power limited company
Company of products of glass reinforced plastics of division of couplet of Changzhou of German BSD company
Limited company of group of horse of weather of city of Changzhou of firm of Changzhou China benefit
City of Changzhou of company of the abb on Taiwan starts composite material company together
(color and English data equipment all alone)
The market brings up good luck actual strength to create a brand
Enter 21 centuries, chinese composite material and fibre glass industry grow at full speed, composite material and fibre glass apply extensively already at each domains, as the addition of our country composite material and exit of fibre glass goods, the product quality of a few well-known companies of domestic already was achieved or approach world advanced level, china is becoming world composite material and the center that fibre glass goods machines the market. The communication that reachs fibre glass technology to strengthen domestic and international composite material further and collaboration, promotion that accelerates new technology, new product and application, we decide to hold “2008 China ceremoniously (Qingdao) international composite material and ” of exposition of fibre glass industry!
“2008 China (Qingdao) international composite material and ” of exposition of fibre glass industry exhibit an area to predict 10000 square metre, will have at the appointed time come from the numerous and top-ranking enterprise such as China, United States, Germany, France, Korea, Japan to attend exhibit meeting, become domestic and international manufacturer to exchange a technology, negotiate commerce and a when economy cooperates wonderful platform. Organizing committee will with outstanding service, for the enterprise communication of development market, stimulative technology creats good chance. Manufacturer of greeting each district signs up eagerly attend, make industry brand exhibit jointly meeting!
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