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The 2nd 2008 China (Chongqing) international composite material and exhibition o
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Issue date: 2008-07-15 14:30:01
Period of validity: 3 months
Sponsor an unit: Chongqing silicate learns
Committee of major of Chongqing new material
Ginseng extend range: One, composite material
(1) composite material raw material and equipment: Former silk of colophony, gel coat, carbon fiber, fiber, roving, fabric, felt
Piece, all sorts of additive such as agent of agent of all sorts of fiber size, finishing, cross-linking agent, drawing of patterns, filling and makings of of all kinds, premix, beforehand the manufacturing technology of afore-mentioned dip makings, raw material and equipment.
(2) technology of composite material production and equipment: Hand paste, eject, twine, mould pressing, inject, pull crowded etc shape technology and deliver equipment. Technology of beehive, epispastic, interlining reachs tooling. Equipment of all sorts of new technology of composite material, new technology, new facility, machining of glass reinforced plastics. Shape mould design processing technique.
(3) product and applied example: Glass reinforced plastics / the new product that composite material uses at the domain such as equipment of a light boat of anticorrosive project, construction project, car and other car, boat, spaceflight, aviation, national defence, mechanical, electron, aricultural, fishery, exercise, daily life, new design and application; Environmental protection, energy-saving, second birth uses a technology.
(4) glass reinforced plastics / composite material quality and technology of control product quality inspection and equipment, produce automation control, quality monitoring technology, nondestructive detects technology and instrument.
(5) metallic radical reachs radical of pottery and porcelain composite material goods and technology.
2, Bo fine goods
(1) fibre glass gauze: Spin fibre glass has twist gauze, spin fibre glass is not had twist gauze, increase model fibre glass is not had twist bulk yarn of gauze, fibre glass
(2) fibre glass cloth: Conduit wraps up cloth, bitumen radical cloth, emulsion cloth, besmear is plastic cloth, enhance cloth of pole of balata cloth, fishing, Haijibu (vestee) , cloth of fine of electronic class Bo (7628 cloth) , besmear
(3) fibre glass belt: Without alkaline fibre glass (woven) belt, fibre glass does not have abb colligation belt, fibre glass not to have abb from adhesive tape, fibre glass from adhesive tape
(4) fibre glass canal: Lacquer of fibre glass insulated sleeve, fibre glass is in charge of
(5) fibre glass felt: Fibre glass is successive former silk felt, fibre glass is short cut former silk felt (dry method felt, wet felt) , fibre glass is stitch-bonded felt of felt, fibre glass pinprick
(6) goods of other fibre glass: Fibre glass is short cut; of clapboard of cotton of former rope of a fibre glass line, fibre glass, molar fibre glass, fibre glass, AGM
3, Bo fine raw material: Without alkaline glass ball, medium; of alkaline glass ball, pyrophyllite, boracic magnesian stone, soda ash
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