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Composite material of COMPOSITES EUROPE Europe is exhibited
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Issue date: 2008-07-18 11:29:49
Period of validity: 3 months
Detailed content: Conference address: Germany Situjiate
Conference time: 2008-11-06 arrives 2008-11-08
Sponsor an unit: Encourage is exhibited read extensively group
Meet about exhibiting
Those who cover industry of whole composite material is burgeoning exhibit internationally meeting.
The seminar is held by guild and cooperative media.
The product reachs a service
The raw material of composite material, semifinished product, semi-manufactured goods and finished product, technology and equipment, and service. Media, home exhibits area, speech area, product to demonstrate a division.
Audience origin
Come from the most principal application property (car, sky and aerospace journey, shipbuilding, railroad, industry, the sources of energy and electron, building) policymaker, engineer, stylist and developer.
Assistance unit
Association of industry of European composite material (EuCIA) Www.eucia.org
Current: The 2nd
The exhibition is periodic: Annual
Previous term or session extends meeting time: 2006
The price
Smooth ground exhibits: Every square metre 167 euro

◆ contacts means: Unit name: Encourage is exhibited read extensively group
Contact: Gong Wei
Connect a telephone call: 010-8518 5787
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Fax: 010-8515 1304
Contact an address: Encourage is exhibited read extensively group
Zip code: 100046
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Mailbox: David.gong@reedexpo.com.cn

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