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Singapore composite material was exhibited 2008 meeting
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Issue date: 2008-07-18 11:34:05
Period of validity: 3 months
Detailed content: Exhibit meeting site Singapore
Singapore of the name that exhibit a house amounts to an international exhibition center newly
Exhibit meeting time 2008-10-22 to arrive 2008-10-24
2008-3-13 of time signing up arrives 2008-5-30
One, postpone meeting brief introduction:
Since composite material commerce exhibits JEC group to found oneself, experienced develop continuously, already became the leading sheep of exhibition of trade of world composite material now, the support that reachs all trades and professions of etc of university of association of international composite material, much place by composite material manufacturer, each country. The composite material market of Asia-Pacific area is experiencing rapid development, industrial tycoons express clearly to need to build a platform that undertakes commercial activity in this one area, so that can be mixed,the economy of this one area grows quickly jointly. Regard the history as long composite material company, JEC group depends on the rich experience that its get on in market of global composite material. Decide commerce of composite material of Singapore of the JEC that start is exhibited, this is the Asia's new composite material trade is exhibited, it will be annual the ground provides mutual connection and the platform that get information for composite material practitioner.
2, market introduction:
The share of composite material market of Asian market holds production value of industry of global composite material currently 36% (achieved 19 billion euro 2006) , of the share of composite material market of our region year all increase rate is in two digit above, after 10 years, its market share will take the in part of production value of industry of global composite material.
Domains of all composite material application (include nautical, carry, development of consumable, aerospace, wind energy, conduit and can without lid are made, equipment of building, electron is waited a moment) the development that is in Asia-Pacific area compares alive group the development of other area is gotten quickly much. Practitioner of Asia-Pacific composite material is average and annual increase 20% , this one word also is gotten greatly than other area much.
3, ginseng exhibit a purpose:
This kind of high additional cost the commerce of composite material is exhibited is the gate that you lead to Asian market, attend this commerce to exhibit, will offer following opportunities to you: L innovates from tremendous sale potential and height market benefit of the gender;
New branch is found to sell channel on the market that increases increasingly; L interviews the policymaker with most Asia main area; L attends economic technology congress or terminal user forum, you can know market of our region composite material newest development trend; L knows environment of local economy politics better;
4, ginseng postpone business
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